Our Farm


The settlement of Wisemans Creek was established after the discovery of Gold in the late 1800’s however the town’s life was short-lived, as a few years later the gold strikes of Hill End started the frenzy of miners to travel there in search of their fortune.  All that is left of the town is a few remains in the village and stories that thankfully have been documented. 

Our 80 acres are a mixture of pasture, lightly timbered slopes and rugged areas with natural quartz and granite outcrops.  The property has 5 dams that provide sufficient water for stock and some irrigation.  

We have an abundance of wildlife with many species of parrots, finches, wrens and magpies to mention a few and all frequent the house from time to time.  We also have majestic wedged-tailed eagles souring above with their nests in the nearby hills.   

We strive to provide a reduced footprint at our farm using sustainable practices, reduced dependence on chemicals and moving towards a more natural organic existence.  Our house is powered predominately by solar and we produce chemical free fruit and vegetables as well as free range chickens providing us with an abundance of eggs and natural fertiliser. 

We have 200,000 litres capacity of drinking water ensuring during tough times we have sufficient reserves.